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The Zuolay Development Association is a US based, nonprofit organization rendering urgent social services to the people of Zuolay. Zuolay is a small town 15 miles north of Tappita City, Nimba County, Liberia. It is a town comprising of 15 villages of approximately 5,000 inhabitants.The people in these villages and towns do not have the proper medical facilities, hospitals and clean safe drinking water.

The Zuolay Development Association in the United States is in the process of constructing of a MEDICAL CLINIC so as to minimize some of the medical sufferings of our village and its surroundings. The clinic which is currently under construction, is being built on a ten Acre of land that was donated to the organization by the people of ZUOLAY.

Medical Clinic Project

Help us at Zuolay Development Association, raise funds for the town of Zuolay in Liberia. All funds generated are earmarked to fund and construct a Medical Clinic, Hospitals, hand pumps and wells in villages and towns so as to ensure safe drinking water in the region.

The most fervent and burning target of ZDA is eradication on deadly diseases that have plagued our people in our region for so many years.

Zuolay Development Association, Inc. (ZDA)

A Nonprofit Corporation formed under the Laws of the State of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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