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The Zuolay Development Association in the United States is in the process of constructing of a MEDICAL CLINIC to minimize some of the medical sufferings of our village and its surroundings. The clinic which is currently under construction, is being built on a ten Acre plot of land that was donated to the organization by the people of ZUOLAY.


When completed the Medical clinic will have 25 bedrooms with an administrative section at the estimated cost of $147,065.00; exclusive of the medical equipment, furniture’s and supplies.


Currently the organization has spent about $50,000 and the building is at the roof level.


It is our goal to have this Medical Clinic completed before the next leadership term comes to an end. Due to our urgent need for funds, we have decided to raise money through membership dues, charitable contribution, and personal donation and from people of good will in other to construct.


The people of Zuolay need your help! Every little bit counts and we appreciate your support!

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