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The Zuolay Development Association in the Americas was founded on November 17, 2001 in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The forming of this unique association was vision of group of pioneers from Zuolay who currently reside in the United States of America. These dedicated and die-hearted men and women that we consider pioneers are as follows:




Berh Day Nuah
Executive Director


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Comfort Wongbaye

Director of Program


    Edith Dahn

    Rhode Island Chapter Leader

      Ben Dahn
      General Secretary


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      Joanna Day Nuah
      First Lady of ZDA


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      Odysseus Kruah 

      Assistant Executive Director

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      Ma Ruth Wonzon
      Young Girl


      Gonlo Sehkpor
      Flower Girl


      Dekuseh Helb
      National Chaplain


      Gonlo Sehkpor, Dekuseh Helb & Ma Ruth Wonzon

      Backbone of ZDA


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